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Finding the option you want
Finding the option you want
Each Offi ce application Options dialog has several sections, or tabs, on the left. Do not
be misled by the labels. Note that one of the tabs is called Advanced. Microsoft’s idea of
advanced might not be the same as yours. What’s optional for someone else might be
essential for you.
Microsoft’s logic is to try to put at the top of the list the controls and options it thinks you
are most likely to want to change. The fi rst set, General, is therefore the group it thinks
will matter most to the typical user. If you’re reading the Offi ce 2013 Bible , however, you
might not be a typical user. Keep this in mind as you look at the available tabs.
Another caveat is that the labels aren’t even objectively accurate. For example, there is a
tab labeled Display. If you don’t fi nd the display option you’re looking for there, don’t give
up. Some display options actually reside in General, such as Show Mini Toolbar on selection,
Enable Live Preview, and Open e-mail attachments and other uneditable fi les in reading
A number of display options are also sheltered under the Advanced umbrella for most of
the applications, including great favorites such as the Show document content options and
the Display options (duh!) in Word, and Provide feedback with animation (under General).
If you’re keeping track, in Word Options there’s a General tab, and there’s a General section
within the Advanced tab. Options are covered in more detail in Appendix A, but you can
also discover a lot of options simply by taking a little time to explore the various tabs.
If an information icon (an i in a circle) appears to the right of one of the options, you can point to the icon to display
a ScreenTip with more information about the option.
Advanced…versus not advanced?
The Advanced tab of the Word Options dialog box, partially shown in Figure 2.25, has 13
major sections. Also depending on how you count, the Advanced tab offers more than 150
different settings, including the Layout options. The other Offi ce applications feature
numerous Advanced choices, too.
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