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Creating a new, blank file
If you’re working with an existing fi le and need to create another blank fi le, you can do so
at any time, using one of the following two methods:
Press Ctrl+N. The blank fi le appears immediately.
Click the File tab in the upper-left corner of the program window and then click
New. The Backstage view appears and presents new fi le options, like the one for
Excel shown in Figure 3.2. Click the Blank document type icon, which closes the
Backstage view and immediately opens the new document on-screen.
You can create a blank fi le using the New command in Backstage view.
Click to create a
blank file
Because of its more complicated fi le structure, Access requires you to take a few more setup
steps when you create a new database fi le. If you click the Blank desktop database icon
after starting Access or choosing the New command, Access prompts you to enter a name
for the fi le. After you click Create (Figure 3.3), you then must set up the fi rst table that will
hold the data you’fill enter. Chapter 34 covers the process for creating an Access table.
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