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Creating a file with a document template
Access prompts you to enter a fi le name immediately.
Name the file
As you learned in Chapter 2, “Navigating in office,” by default you see a Start screen when you launch the core office
applications, and can choose to make a blank i le or choose a template on that screen.
Outlook doesn’t use i les, so you’fill learn how to work with its messages and information when we cover Outlook.
Both the Publisher and OneNote programs have a somewhat unique process for setting up a new i le, and you’fill learn
about each process in the applicable chapters.
Creating a i le with a document template
You can avoid starting from scratch when creating a fi le by selecting a template. A template
includes predefi ned content and attractive formatting, both of which you can adapt for
your own uses. For example, when your system is not online or you are not signed in to
Excel with your user account to enable its online features, it includes a limited number
of templates, including a Loan Amortization template that includes all the formulas
required to calculate payments on a loan; you plug in the loan terms, and it will fi nalize
the results. The worksheet presents you with precise principal and payment information
for any payment date in the life of the loan. When you are signed in and your system
is connected to the Internet, Excel includes a greater selection of templates among the
Featured templates. As shown in the template for tracking blood pressure and glucose
levels shown in Figure 3.4 , all the templates include the formatting needed to organize
and highlight your information.
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